Apr 12, 2022

Cream Egg TEAster Mega Latte Recipe

Learn how to make our deliciously decadent Easter in-store special with this mind blowing, chocolate-y Cream Egg tea ... Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Blueberry Muffin Matcha Latte

Is this a dream? A blueberry muffin flavoured matcha latte, thats also good for you?! No, its REAL Teabirds and super... Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Mermaid Matcha Latte

Learn how to make a delicious Mermaid Matcha Latte! Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Iced Haskap Berry Matcha Latte

Super food fans out there hear us out!  As some of you Teabirds know, we LOVE to blend our matchas with some incredib... Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Chocolate & Orange Matcha Latte!

You can't beat a scrummy piece of chocolate orange eh Teabirds?! That mouth-watering rich taste, lingering with zesty... Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Black Magic Charcoal Matcha Latte

This marvellous antioxidant-rich potion, with activated charcoal, creates a magical matcha latte. Follow our simple, ... Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Golden Milk recipe

Mix up your own turmeric-based matcha, raw honey + coconut brew with our easy Golden Milk recipe. Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Matcha Lip Balm

Matcha infused lip balm: pucker up + go green! Continue Reading

Mar 6, 2022

Ice Cream Matcha Latte

Why not cosy up with a marvellous Matcha latte, this is the only ice cream that'll warm you up, it's a matcha made in heaven... Continue Reading

Feb 20, 2022

Matcha Pancakes

Chia seed matcha pancakes with oat amilk + maple syrup. Quick + easy to cook. Delicious! Continue Reading

Feb 20, 2022

Spiced Pumpkin Pie Pancake Recipe

A steaming cup of Spiced Pumpkin Pie tea alongside a stack of Spiced Pumpkin Pie Pancakes, an autumn brunch bliss! Continue Reading

Jan 30, 2022

Red Velvet Latte Recipe

Delve into the secrets to making our Red Velvet latte, with smooth flavours of beetroot, complemented by hints of chocolate. Continue Reading

the latest from the universitea

May 13, 2022

Candy Floss Tea Cocktail & Mocktail Recipe

Today we’re going to teach you how to make the perfect Candy Floss Tea Cocktail or Mock-tail, using our delicious Can... Continue Reading

Apr 12, 2022

Cream Egg Milkshake

Oh my oh my! Would you look at this beauTEA! (drools..) Super luxurious and ever so naughty, Yep, that's right Teabi... Continue Reading

Apr 12, 2022

Chocolate Cream Egg Scotch Egg

Mmmm, an indulgent Cream Egg tea-infused Scotch egg! Perfectly paired with a cup of chocolate tea too. Follow this ea... Continue Reading
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