Charity Requests

When we set up Bird & Blend back in 2013, we knew we wanted to create a company that gave back to the world & the communities that we are proud members of.
We are passionate about supporting causes that are close to our hearts and help the people & environment around us. There are so many different ways that we help different charities every day, including fundraising & awareness-raising activities, TEAm volunteering days & our ChariTEA of the Quarter Programme which so far has raised £146,095 and counting!

ChariTEA of the Quarter

Every three months we work with a different charity. They choose one of our tea blends & all profits of their chosen tea go straight to them.

While raising funds is a crucial part of supporting our chosen ChariTEAs, we love to really get to know them, use our social media presence to help them raise awareness for their causes & encourage our customers to get involved in fun campaigns supporting them.