Vampire's Blood Cocktail

Vampire's Blood Matcha Cocktail | Recipe

It's spooky season Teabirds! To celebrate we have created a spooktacular matcha tequila cocktail using our delicious Raspberry Ripple Matcha! You'll be the star of the monster mash when you whip this perfect potion up!

Vampire's Blood Matcha Cocktail

You will need:

Matcha Vampire's Blood Cocktail

What to do:

  1. Mash strawberries in a bowl, then transfer to the bottom of the glass
  2. Add ice to your liking
  3. For a little bit of extra spooky goodness we froze fake spiders into the ice to make it extra spooky!
  4. Then add 50ml of tequila
  5. Top up with lemonade
  6. Take a Perfect Matcha Spoon of Raspberry Ripple Matcha and whisk with some cold water, then pour this on top of the cocktail
  7. Add spooky decorations as you please. We added some eyeball sweets on a skewer!

Be sure to tag us in your own spooky creations @birdandblendtea or with the hashtag #BirdAndBlendTea! We are just dying to see them!

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