Toasted Snowball MarTEAni

Toasted Snowball MarTEAni

Take our Snowball Hot Cocoa Tea and make the perfect festive cocktail/mocktail recipe full of marshmallowy goodness, that will leave your guests wanting s'more...

Our most famous Christmas tea blend scooped a Great Taste Award for its chocolate chips in plenty, coconut flakes in tons and a sprinkle of mini vegan marshmallows to finish it off- the perfect Christmas Snowball. 

Snowball Hot Cocoa Infused Cocktail

You will need:

What to do:

  1. Brew two Perfect Tea Spoons of Snowball Hot Cocoa Tea in 500ml of boiling water using your Brewdini for 4 minutes.
  2. Strain the tea and leave to cool.
  3. Make up some icing by adding cold water to icing sugar.
  4. Rim your glass with the icing.
  5. Dip your icing topped glass into the crushed candy canes.
  6. Pour the cooled tea into your glass and add 25ml of Vodka (optional).
  7. Add cold coconut milk.
  8. Take a marshmallow and pop it on the top of your glass.
  9. Safely take your blow torch and toast the marshmallow until it's golden brown.
  10. Add the mini candy cane to the edge of your glass for garnish.
  11. Sit back, take a sip and let the festiviTEAs begin!

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