Zodiac Tea Collection

Zodiac Tea Collection - Blends according to your star sign

When curating our Zodiac collection, coming up with blends, what ingredients would be appropriate, and how each would link, Shona - our product lead - worked with the whole TEAm to see what flavour profiles suited each sign.

Along with each blend, we thought we would include some TEAm recommendations of blends that also capture the essence of each star sign - after all, we all know our own sign best!

Without further ado, let's dive in.

Zodiac Tea Cube

Aries - This spicy & zingy tea will help you bring fire to your passions. A rooibos base is combined with ingredients just as intense as you are - cinnamon, apple, rosehip, hibiscus, vanilla & orange peel all combine to make a truly beautiful tea blend, which is sure to have you feeling all fired up.

Product Lead, Shona's Recommendations:

  • Good Calmer Turmeric Tea: Crafted with the warmth of turmeric, this blend perfectly complements a fierce and vibrant personality.
  • Butter Toffee Popcorn: Aries can indulge in this sweet and comforting tea that mirrors their irresistible charm.
  • Bonfire Toffee: Like their fiery spirit, this blend carries the essence of crackling bonfires and cosy evenings.

Leo - A luxurious & fruity blend with a dash of sparkle, bringing you warming & comforting vibes. This blend is fruity, with a little bit of spice, just like a Leo! There are even golden sparkles in there because we know Leo's love to shine.

Glasgow Store Manager, Sara's Recommendations:

  • Monkey Chops: This playful blend suits Leo's charismatic and energetic nature, offering a tropical escape in every cup.
  • Builder's Breakfast Brew: A bold and robust tea, ideal for Leo's confident and ambitious demeanour, providing the perfect morning kickstart.
  • Duvet Day: Even the mighty Leo needs moments of relaxation, and this cosy tea blend ensures they can unwind in style.

Sagittarius - Coffee notes to fuel your adventurous spirit & make your arrow fly straight. That's right, it's a tea & coffee combo for Sagittarius! Daring, full of flavour, sure to have you raring to go, this brew is ready to take you on a quest.

Executive Assistant to Creative Director, Meg's Recommendations:

  • Strawberry Lemonade: This refreshing blend captures Sagittarius' zest for adventure and adds a delightful twist to their journeys.
  • Cherry Bakewell: With a touch of nostalgia and a hint of sweetness, this tea embraces a love for exploring new flavours.
  • Earl Grey Crème: A classic with a twist, this blend reflects their refined tastes and desire for something extraordinary.

Taurus - Get grounded & connect to an earthy, magical energy. This tea is a fusion of beautiful ingredients from the Earth, dandelion root, nettles, chamomile & fenugreek. Perfectly balanced and wonderfully full-bodied, this tea is sure to have you sighing in satisfaction with every sip.

Wholesale Account Manager, Vic's Recommendations:

  • Mascarpone & Sour Cherry: A love for indulgence finds a companion in this rich blend, combining the creamy sweetness of Mascarpone with the tart allure of sour cherries.
  • Blueberry Pancakes: Evoking leisurely breakfasts filled with delectable treats, this blend encapsulates Taurus' appreciation for comfort and delight.
  • Pink Grapefruit: Refreshing and invigorating, this blend harmoniously blends the tangy sweetness of pink grapefruit with the bright notes of green tea, mirroring their connection to the natural world.

Virgo - A tea just as caring, selfless & driven as you. Take a moment for yourself for once! We have combined a rooibos base with turmeric, ashwagandha, cinnamon & coconut for a tea that will lend you as much focus & drive, as you do to others. Full-bodied, with lots of goodness, and a bloomin' good cuppa too!

Junior Brand Manager, Sophie's Recommendations:

  • Peach Soda: Just like Virgo's meticulous attention to detail, this exquisite tea captivates with its delicate peachy notes.
  • Coconut Milk Oolong: A serene blend that evokes a calm and composed nature, providing a moment of tranquility.
  • Deckchair Dreaming: A tea reminiscent of lazy summer days, perfectly suited to an appreciation for simple pleasures.

Capricorn - Determination & strength are paired with subtle sweetness, to match your complexity & drive. This black tea is great for those who want a classic cuppa with a little bit of a twist, subtly sweet with more full-bodied notes as you sip - divine!

Wholesale Manager, Lianne's Recommendations:

  • Cold Weather Warrior: Capricorn's determined and resilient spirit aligns with this invigorating blend, perfect for facing any challenge.
  • Mocha Chai: A bold and indulgent fusion of flavours that suits an ambitious nature, providing a boost of energy.
  • Morning Kick: As the name suggests, this strong and invigorating tea ensures you start your day with unwavering determination.

Gemini - Spicy & creamy to reflect the duality of you, merge multiple perspectives whilst you sip. This is a Chinese milk oolong tea, blended with Chinese Chunmee green tea, which has then been mixed with apple pieces, black peppercorns & elderberries for a truly unique cuppa.

Demand Planner, Aimee's Recommendations:

  • Brighton Rock: A vibrant and fun blend for this dynamic sign, capturing their multifaceted nature in a single cup.
  • Blue Raspberry: This sweet and tangy blend mirrors Gemini's dual personality, offering a burst of excitement.
  • Cherry Bakewell: A nostalgic delight that echoes a love for variety and exploration of flavours.

Libra - A harmonising blend of green & white tea, reminiscent of the beauty & balance you invoke - delicate, dedicated, delicious. This blend is a combination of Chinese jasmine green tea & Chinese white tea, with added hints of liquorice, lemongrass, cinnamon, & rose petals - a truly wonderful balancing act of a tea.

Content & CommuniTEA Marketing Assistant, Neve's Recommendations:

  • Moondrop Dreams: A dreamy and enchanting blend that resonates with Libra's harmonious nature, encouraging inner peace.
  • Nearly Nirvana: On a quest for balance and serenity, find solace in this delicate and soothing tea blend.
  • Ginger Beer: A lively and refreshing tea that mirrors their social and vibrant disposition, perfect for shared moments.

Aquarius - This inspiring blend celebrates your eclectic & eccentric nature. Shine on! This zesty green tea blend is just as sparkly as you are. Combining green tea with lemon & golden shimmer, brew this up to evoke Aquarian creativity, & to give you a little boost when needed.

Graphic Designer, Rosie's Recommendations:

  • Blue Raspberry: An unconventional spirit pairs perfectly with this quirky and playful blend, offering a burst of unexpected flavours.
  • Strawberry & Pomegranate: A refreshing combination that complements Aquarius' innovative and inventive mindset, keeping them inspired.
  • All Nighter: For nights filled with creative endeavours, this energizing blend ensures they stay fueled and focused.

Cancer - Celebrate your caring nature with a hug in a mug from this fruity, cakey blend. Apple, strawberry & hibiscus are combined with rooibos tea for a truly comforting feel. This tea is great hot with a splash of oat milk to really bring out the cakey vibes.

Head of Brand, Catherine's Recommendations:

  • Peppy Mint: A soothing blend that aligns with Cancer's nurturing nature, offering comfort and a moment of inner reflection.
  • Gingerbread Chai: This warm and cosy tea captures their love for home and family, evoking memories of joyful moments.
  • Chocolate Digestives: A delightful and indulgent blend that resonates with a love for all things comforting and familiar.

Scorpio - To match your great depth of feeling, this brew is strong & complex with notes of passion fruit. A twist on a classic black tea, this fruity brew is sure to have you on cloud 9. Perfect on its own or with a splash of milk - you can't go wrong. It's a winner!

Co-Founder, Krisi's Recommendations:

  • Rhubarb & Custard: This intriguing blend mirrors Scorpio's complex and intense personality, offering a burst of unexpected flavours.
  • Peach Cobbler: A tea that captures a love for depth and richness, providing a touch of decadence.
  • Love Potion: A mystical blend that embodies their passionate nature, creating an aura of romance and allure.

Pisces - As bright & colourful as you, this lightly spiced tea will have you drifting away in daydreams. Chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom & cloves are combined in this heavenly herbal blend is full of relaxing, dreamy ingredients which mean this isn't your usual chamomile cuppa - it's got a little magic in there too.

Partnerships & Brand Project Lead, Georgina's Recommendations:

  • Banana Bread Chai: This unique blend celebrates Pisces' imaginative and dreamy nature, creating a comforting and aromatic experience.
  • Cherry Cola Bottles: A whimsical tea that echoes childlike wonder and love for all things playful.
  • Enchanted Narnia: A magical blend that mirrors an ability to escape reality and find solace in their own enchanting world.

Bird & Blend's Zodiac Loose Leaf Tea Collection unveils a delightful array of flavours, inspired by the diverse qualities and tastes of the twelve star signs. By consulting the passionate members of the Bird & Blend team, we have discovered the perfect tea blends to accompany each zodiac sign on their individual journeys. Whether you're an adventurous Sagittarius or a nurturing Cancer, there is a unique blend waiting to capture your essence and tantalise your taste buds. So, embrace the magic of the stars and embark on a flavorful adventure with Bird & Blend's Zodiac Tea Collection.

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