How to make the perfect cup of tea

How to make the perfect cup of tea in 6 easy steps

It's National Tea Day on the 21st April! Join us for 'elevenses' (a free cup of tea is available to everyone) between 11am-12pm on the day, at each of the Bird & Blend Tea Co. stores across the UK. Those that can’t make it into stores can still brew a perfect cuppa at home to celebrate, follow these simple steps from founder Krisi Smith, Co-Founder & award-winning, Chief Tea Mixologist at Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Tea, a beverage typically prepared by steeping the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant in water, is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Tea has a long, rich history around the world, with the earliest known mention of tea dating back thousands of years to the Zhejiang province in China. Today, it is considered a vital part of the everyday, with the UK consuming nearly 36 billion cups per year!

Whether you’re a milk first or last, a tea bag squeezer, a scoop-er or a loose leaf tea connoisseur - we’ve written the ultimate guide for making sure you get that perfect cup of tea every time.

How to make a perfect cup of tea

1. Select a Tea that Suits the Mood or Moment

In need of a pick-me-up? A classic black tea could be the energising boost you need, not to mention a hug in a mug. Struggling to find a moment of calm amongst the chaos? Try a cup of calming chamomile tea, it could help you sink into that restful night's sleep you’ve been dreaming of. Want something refreshing without the caffeine? Grab a rooibos or fruit infusion.

2. Choose a high quality tea

By choosing a tea that you know doesn’t compromise the planet or the people who grow it, it tastes better, because you know each mug is helping the world - one sip at a time! When using whole tea leaves and not tea dust, your cuppa will taste better & also give you all the proper benefits from the tea. It means that the leaves can unfurl in the water and infuse their flavour more fully.

High Quality Tea Leaves

3. Choose your tea cup or mug

At a molecular level, the type of cup or teapot – be that porcelain, china or clay – or the size of your mug will change the taste and experience of your tea. Some larger mugs are not just great for wrapping your hands around, but also allow more space for the tea to brew and therefore oxygen to further the flavour and aroma development. Whether your favourite mug is a bone china heirloom, a gift with the words ‘Best Mum’ or the humble tea-stained mug in everybody’s cupboard… The cup you choose is an essential part of making the perfect cup of tea.

4. Use freshly drawn, cold water each time

Gone are the days of flat reboiled cuppas! If you want that perfect brew, you need to get out of the habit of reboiling your water. Instead, use a mug to measure out exactly the amount of water you’ll need (saves the planet & your pennies), and boil the kettle with freshly drawn, cold water. If you do this you’ll have a great tasting oxygenated tea, which can lower your bills with each cup!

5. Stick to the brewing instructions

They’ve been written by experts for a reason! Our top tip is to always read the label. Green teas like a slightly cooler brewing temperature of 80 degrees, whilst your classic breakfast black tea can withstand boiling (100 degrees) water. Often the brewing instructions will include whether or not the blend is best enjoyed with milk.

6. Sit back, sip & relax!

You’ve now made the perfect cuppa - sure to improve any situation, mood or problem, it’s guaranteed.
How to make the perfect cup of tea

It could be said that whilst black coffee is an individual pleasure, causing debates over the right tools, or the best regions or roasters, tea is perhaps a universal pleasure, bringing people together, no matter what timezone, occasion or variety you are enjoying. After all, isn’t everything better with a perfect cup of tea?

We look forward to seeing you put these tips to good use & would love for you to tag us on social media @birdandblendtea or use #BirdAndBlendTea to show us your perfect cuppas!

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