Wellbeing teas

Celebrate Self-Care With Our Wellbeing Teas

There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to self-care. Whether you’d choose a big slice of cake or an hour of yoga, this is a judgment-free zone that celebrates our differences!

Whether you’re looking to sleep better, reduce anxiety, feel energised or straight up treat yourself, we’re here for you! Inhale, exhale & pop the kettle on. A warm brew to get you through.

Whatever self-care means to you, there’s a tea to suit your needs.


A lot of our communitea have told us they’re struggling to fall asleep and we’re here to help you start an evening routine that will help you feel calm, cosy and clear before bedtime.

We’ve included some of our favourite comforting and warming caffeine-free blends from Dozy Girl to our wonderful Dreamer's Bath Soak... perfect to help you drift off.

Here's our range of teas to help you sleep.


Hectic schedule, tough day at work or just feeling a ‘bit off’? Sit back, take a deep breath and have a moment to yourself with a cup of calm. We have delicious, soothing blends with ingredients to help your nervous system! Teas such as the return of our much loved white tea blend, Relax and our gentle naturally caffeine free blend Deckchair Dreaming; these are as beautiful as they are balancing!


Did you feel off-balance last year? Us too. Start 2021 with a focus on you and your body. Good for the soul... and the gut! Some of our favourite wellness teas are Cold Weather Warrior, The Digester, Peppermint Cream and Coconut Milk Oolong.

Wellbeing teas

Energy Boost

We can’t control the world around us, but we can control how we approach each day. Feel energised and ready to face whatever the day throws you, from a tough shift to yet another zoom call, or the kids literally throwing stuff. You got this! Try our revitalising and invigorating with Lemon & Ginger Tea, did we mention its naturally caffeine free too!?

Our matchas are also a great option for an energy-boost, we have an extensive range of incredible flavours to choose from. 


Take a moment to treat yourself - you deserve it! There is nothing better than a cuppa with a slice of cake or a biscuit to dunk. Enjoy a decadent cup of delicious tea that’s just as good as the real thing, and even better paired with a treat to go with it!

We love a tea-time treat of Chocolate Digestives & Vicky’s Sponge Cake.

Wellbeing teas

Off the booze

You may not be popping bottles, but you can pop the kettle on!

Sip on our cocktail-inspired teas without the hangover. Check out Buck’s Fizz MojiTEA for an afternoon alcohol free tipple...

tea cocktails with orange

Whatever your needs, there's a tea to suit you. Explore our Self Care teas for yourself and see!


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