Aniseed tea benefits

Aniseed Tea benefits | Nausea Reducing & Appetite Stimulator!

What Are Aniseed Tea Benefits?

Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) is considered a very valuable herb, especially in the past. In ancient Greece, aniseed was so sought after that it was sometimes used to pay taxes! Its feature in tea has been said to have powerful healing abilities of stomach related ailments such as upset tummies and nausea.

It's also a great herb for stimulating appetite. In the past, some people popped it under their pillow as they believed the heady smell would wake them up with a healthy appetite and a rumbling tum! So of course one of the aniseed tea benefits people believe is that by drinking it, potentially it can aid sick patients get their appetite back.

Aniseed tea is known for its great source of vitamins and minerals- containing high levels of Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. Got a low libido?! Well! Aniseed has being known to increase sex drive because of it's aphrodisiac qualities... ~Bow chika-wow-wow~ 

Our Aniseed Teas

Here at Bird & Blend we have a selection of blends containing the incredible herb, all designed to give the wonders of aniseed tea benefits:

  • Cold Weather Warrior - Our ultimate flu fighting, herbal tea is a blend of echinacea & eucalyptus, both said to boost your immune system, aid recovery and sooth symptoms of colds and flu. Also with aniseed, chilli & peppermint - Just what you need to fire you through!

cold weather warrior aniseed tea

Try One Of Our Aniseed Teas:

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