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Cold Brew Sticky Chai Recipe

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Our authentic Sticky Chai makes a fabulous, cosy, hot latte - but why not try it cold brewed for a fabulous iced treat? 


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Masala Chai or ‘spiced tea’ is a traditional Indian sweet & spiced black tea brewed in milk. When making our Sticky Chai we do all the hard work for you, blending and grinding fresh spices and even mixing in fresh ginger root for the most authentic chai experience.

We then blend these fabulous ingredients with our delicious wildflower honey for a touch of sweetness. Honey is nature’s preserver so it captures all the flavour and goodness of the spice mix and locks it in ready for you to brew at a later day!



  • Pop your Sticky Chai into your Cold Brew Bottle
  • Add in your milk then shake it up!
  • Leave it in the fridge for at least 4 hours but we prefer overnight
  • Pour over ice
  • Enjoy!

If you make your own cold brewed Sticky Chai, be sure to tag us on socials @birdandblendtea!

cold brew sticky chai

1 comment

Julie Davis
Julie Davis

I just love all the teas I’ve got from bird and blend, such good quality and so tasty but one of my favourites is the sticky Chai, so warming, comforting and first and foremost tasty and love the aromatic spices, best on the market.

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