Solidarity for our friends in Ukraine

Solidarity for our friends in Ukraine

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As a company we are absolutely heartbroken to hear of the hardship Ukraine is facing and in awe of the bravery they are showing. But it has been closer to home for us as our awesome web partners are based in Ukraine - GenovaWebArt. The team at Genova are Shopify experts specialising in web development, design, and the creation of amazing Shopify stores. It has been fantastic to work with them so far and we consider their team family.

Founder Arthur & Anastasia, our Account Manager have been keeping us updated on their experience in Ukraine through a newsletter that we regularly read as a team. You can read more about their experience below.

As a company, as colleagues, as human beings, as friends, we want to do whatever we can to support our friends at GenovaWebArt, and the whole of Ukraine in any way we can. So we hope you’ll join us in fundraising with us, and in any way that you can to support our Ukrainian families. If you would like to donate then you can do so you can donate directly to their fundraising here. Or you can add a donation to any of your online orders on the website (do this at checkout). 

Genova Web Agency Team

An update from Arthur & the team:

Whilst trying to keep his business running and his team safe, Arthur has been working with volunteer groups to feed the army and children who were taken out of war zones who are stationed at posts in their district. Arthur and the volunteer groups have also been striving to deliver everything their military needs to Vasylivka. One of the leaders of the volunteer groups is @tk_ukr he is a 5-time world champion in kickboxing. He regularly posts updates on his Instagram account so feel free to follow if you’d like to learn more.

GenovaWebArt’s app lead developer has also joined the volunteer movement in Vasylivka, by providing the soldiers with everything they need such as tents, sleeping bags, balaclavas, warm clothes, etc.

Genova team member Alex, moved to the frontline last week. After the attack on the nuclear plant in Energodar (about 50 km from GenovaWebArt). Anistasia’s deputy (COO) Tanya, fled to Bulgaria with her daughters. Their QA engineer and App developer, along with their families moved to western regions of Ukraine. Arthur simply tells us ‘It shouldn’t be like this’.

We offered GenovaWebArt a place to stay and work in the Nest, Bird & Blend Headquarters, but they bravely responded with this:

“A great offer to move, thanks, but we need to stay here for now to help our families and defenders. Sure to meet in London, under the best of circumstances!"

Sending peace and strength to everyone in our CommuniTEA far and wide, let's show a little solidarity & support today.

Love & tea, Krisi & Mike.

support for ukraine

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Sending lots of love and strength to everyone in the team and their families. The bravery that is shown everyday in Ukraine is profoundly humbling. It fills me with hope, too.
Слава Україні! Sláva Ukrayíni!

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