Eco (tea infused!) Easter Eggs!

Introducing… Bird & Blend’s first edible tea infused chocolate Easter egg, made in partnership with local independent chocolatiers Only Coco. Of course we have ensured it is super planet friendly too, Chief Mixologist Krisi tells us more... 

Did you know that each year, more than 8,000 tonnes of waste is generated just from Easter egg packaging and cards alone? 

Longstanding fans will know we have been doing a card eco Easter egg for a few years now, filled with our Easter tea bags, to provide a planet friendly alternative Easter treat for our customers.

I've been wanting to do an 'real' chocolate egg for a while & had this idea of it having surprise tea bags inside - like the eggs you had as a child. But didn't know where to start - I'm a Tea Mixologist, not a chocolatier!

Over the last year we've been lucky enough to meet the fantastic Only Coco - a small independent artisan chocolate company based not far from us in Brighton. Only Coco’s chocolate is artisan, natural and handmade in small batches, so you know it’s going to be good!  They asked us if they could try infusing our tea into their chocolate and the result was truly magical!

Since then they have been making tea infused chocolate bars - which are delicious might I add, my favourite is the Peaches & Cream Matcha Bar! 

When it came to this challenge the team at Only Coco have been absolutely fantastic, working tirelessly to find us the right recipe - in the end we settled on a milk and a dark chocolate, infused with our Hot Cross Bun tea blend. They come in a vegan dark chocolate and a milk chocolate and are super limited edition.

Please be reassured that I have been diligently taste testing each step of the way! It was also important that the egg remained eco friendly, so we've deliberately chosen a very stripped back kraft paper wrap & where we have had to use a food safe wrapper we have used a plant based solution that is plastic free too.

Be warned, we only created a limited run of these (to ensure no waste!) so you’d better be super quick to catch one - that's if I haven't eaten them all first! 




Tea Infused Chocolate Eco Easter Egg - £18.95

On sale from 14th March, whilst stocks last. Wrapped in recyclable paper fit for the occasion with a pair of adorable bunny ears! Smash it open and eat away and you will discover your cream egg teabags nestled inside! Our tea bags are packaged in an outer cello wrap (to keep them fresh & food safe) but this wrap is also plastic-free & fully compostable. 

An EGGcellent TEA-ster gift for your loved ones, or yourself! Your Easter egg hunt ends here!


Keep your eyes peeled for our very exciting TEAster Egg range coming Easter 2022! 

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