Our Great Taste Award Winning Teas!

Over the years, we've been very successful at the Great Taste Awards, which we are super proud of and excited to share with you. 

Back in 2013, Bird & Blend Tea Co. scooped 14 stars at the prestigious Great Taste Awards and once again in 2016 we entered the prestigious awards and won another 14 stars! Now in 2020, we're excited to announce we've won an additional 5 stars! 

Check out our award-winning teas and why not try them out yourself here...

Our award-winning Strawberry Lemonade tea tin

Bird & Blend's Award Winning Teas

Great British Cuppa

Bird & Blend's House Blend - The classic English Breakfast tea

What the Great Judges had to say: 'There are some brisk flavours and it does take milk well.'

 Spiced Pumpkin Pie

Perhaps our most loved blend ever: Autumn Spiced Pumpkin Chai!

Great Judges: 'The dry spice is of good quality. The tea comes through well, and the spice delivery is light and gentle. It's a well made chai, clean and with no astringency.'

 Dark Choc Chilli Chai 

Smooth chocolate chai loose leaf blend that packs a chilli punch!

 Sticky Chai

Our original honey Sticky Chai

Great Judges: 'The flavour is delicate and the taste is good. The balance is great and it does exactly what it says on the tin. A soothing warm milk drink, perfect for a cold winter's evening.'

 Gingerbread Chai 

Spiced gingerbread chai tea!


Our Christmas best seller: Coconut, Chocolate + mini marshmallows!

Great Judges: 'There are some good cacao notes. It develops nicely with a lengthier infusion.'

 Fairytale of NY

Inspired by a creamy Irish coffee!

Great Judges: 'How interesting - this tea really smells like an Irish coffee!The blend is really works. It's fun, but tastes good too..'

 Blueberry & Peach 

Blueberry bliss twisted with notes of peach!

Great Judges: 'An amazing vivid purple liquor, clear and bright...Very well balanced flavours on the palete. The peach comes through first and the blueberry is subtle but complements the peach. Very enjoable.' 

 Mooondrop Dreams

Calling all space cadets... dreamy lemon & lavender!

Great Judges: 'A lovely shiny orange liquor, clear and bright.'

 Morning Kick

Get a healthy kick start every morning with our zesty yerba mate tea. An energy boosting tea with lemon and ginger.

Great Judges: 'Lively citric nose that’s encouraging and properly promises what you will get, which is something delicious and stimulating. Mate makes it an original choice in the overcrowded field of lemon-ginger infusions. Excellent to see the quality of the natural ingredients.'

 Breakfast's Ready Honey

Our caffeine-free breakfast blend with a hint of honey - fab with milk!

Great Judges 'A very attractive blend, the sunflower petals make a wonderful contrast to the other ingredients. There's a subtle sweetness from the honeybush that helps lift this tea.'

 Apple Strudel

Apple & cinnamon rooibos perfection in a cup.

Great Judges 'Delicious, warming and welcoming nose. Tastes just like an apple strudel and gives a delightful clean and gratifying experience, enhanced by the gentle sweetness of the stevia. A great surprise and an excellent balanced blend.'

 Earl Grey Creme

A fresh & fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea

 Aniseed Balls

Nostalgic aniseed, star anise & liquorice herbal tea blend.

Great Judges: 'Truly original and delicious infusion that packs a true punch of the stated ingredients. Some might like lesser chilli but it’s not over the top by any means. Another brilliant combination and at last a mixture that’s blokey.'

 Strawberry Lemonade

Fantastically fruity tea infusion that tastes as good as it smells!

 Cherry Bakewell

Cherry and almond white tea, a classic tea time treat!

Great Judges: 'Big on the almond flavour, but some tartness comes through along with good sweetness. We also noted hibiscus flavours and also something of the white tea character.'

 Enchanted Narnia

Turkish delight tea with magical rose & creamy cocoa

Great Judges: 'Delightfully aromatic rosebuds, with a beautiful aspect. There's certainly a Turkish Delight element to the aroma of the infusion. On the palate, there is an interesting cacao note, which takes the edge off the powerful rose scent. The use of lemongrass is subtle, just brightening the sweet rose aromatics. We feel this is a successful and clever blend.'

 Rhubarb + Custard

Tangy rhubarb tea, creamy custard guilt free sweet treat

Great Judges: 'Good dark amber colour as should be expected from a Rooibos. Innovative. Rhubarb flavour is good and a little 'custard ' flavour. Fairly balanced ,rounded and comforting.'

 Peppermint Cream 

Velvety milk Oolong tea, smooth cocoa & sweet peppermint

 Nearly Nirvana

White silver needle tea with spiritual spearmint & heavenly jasmine.

 Rooibos Tea Powder

All the super powers of matcha BUT with caffeine free rooibos tea!

Great Judges: 'Cloudy amber infusion, good rooibos aromas on the nose. On the palate it is very good, gently tangy, straw and citrus notes. An honest, quality infusion, a very pleasant, comforting drink.'

 Rooibos Matcha Honey

Caffeine free, Rooibos flavoured matcha honey

Great Judges: 'There's excellent Rooibos here and a good honey base. An unusual product certainly but we feel it's a successful, harmonious blend that affords positive excitement of flavour.'

 Lemon Matcha Honey

Great Judges: 'There are clear flavours of vegetal matcha (with allied bitter notes on the finish) and good British 'eucalyptus' honey notes. We rather like the preserved lemon notes, but do feel we have a somewhat 'confused' product here. We feel it might work well as a Chai base, blended with milk. On the basis of rather bright, distinctive flavours, even if rather startling as a concept, we are happy to raise this to star level.'



Get your hands on some of our Great Taste Award Winning Teas!

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