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ChariTEA of the Quarter: End Youth Homelessness

What is ChariTEA?

We choose a new ChariTEA (Charity - see what we did there!) every quarter which is close to our hearts. The ChariTEA is nominated by one of our Teabirds, they then choose a tea blend that reflects them or what they support and we donate the profits of the blend to their wonderful cause!

During October 2021 to December 2021 our chosen ChariTEA was End Youth Homelessness - is a national movement of 11 member charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. We raised for them £4921.76!

The tea they chose as their blend was Mocha Chai. So every penny of profit from this blend from October to December will be donated to supporting the running of this amazing organisation! If you buy Mocha Chai online or in store this quarter, you can enjoy your brew knowing you're doing good too!

How did End Youth Homelessness become our ChariTEA of the Quarter?

We had two Teabirds nominate member charities of End Youth Homelessness; Janelle, our Manchester Store Manager nominated Centrepoint & Jess, Tea Mixologist in Bristol, nominated 1625 Independent People so they both led us to EYH! 

Here's what they have to say about why they nominated them:

Janelle Manchester Store Manager
Janelle saysYouth homelessness is the biggest issue facing young people in Manchester today.  As the economic uncertainty continues many people are forced to choose between paying rent or buying food & that's not a choice anybody should have to make. Centrepoint are not only raising money, awareness & supporting those who are homeless, they're working on preventative measures, education & health services. They are one of the most effective charities supporting young homeless people in the last 50 years so I am really excited to be supporting EYH this quarter.'
Jess Tea MixologistJess says 'I nominated 1625 Independent People because they do excellent work helping young people in the Bristol and wider community. They raise awareness of the fact that "homelessness" doesn't just mean rough sleeping. They provide support for the many challenges young people face that may contribute to homelessness or prevent those already homeless from finding accommodation, education or employment.'

Who are End Youth Homelessness?

EYH member charities help more than 30,000 young people a year by providing a home, helping them secure jobs and start independent futures.

Each EYH charity works in its own way to meet the needs of local young people; all sharing a belief in giving homeless young people the opportunity to turn their lives around; build high aspirations and move on to successful and independent lives.

By helping young people out of homelessness today, we can stop them becoming the rough sleepers of tomorrow and break the cycle of homelessness for good.


Due to the current economic climate, young people are at a greater risk of homelessness; the number of young people claiming unemployment benefits doubled between March and May 2020, reaching over 500,000. Members saw a 50% increase in calls to youth homelessness helplines.

We fear a serious rise in youth homelessness unless young people get the right help at the right time. Now is that time.


end youth homelessness

What do they do?

Providing a Home
EYH charities start by providing young people with safe, warm and secure places to call home. Through their housing services they help young people overcome barriers by providing the practical support needed to enter and sustain tenancies as well as offering bursary and bond schemes to tackle the prohibitive upfront costs.

Health Support
They help young people overcome their traumatic pasts through specialist mental and physical health support. Their fund will see the creation of 11 Mental Health Services across all 4 nations of the UK and provide access to a Health Bursary which will break down the financial barriers associated with activities that aim to improve mental health. With dedicated 1:1 mental health support as well as financial support to keep young people connected, this fund will be vital in ensuring young people overcome mental health issues and go on to live happy and healthy lives.

home support with end youth homelessness

Access to education and employment
They give each young person 1:1 care to help them build the confidence and skills they need to get a job and escape homelessness for good. Their employability programme ensures young people have access to specialist coaches who help them become job-ready, access training programmes, and move on from training into sustainable careers. They provide access to bursaries to help young people overcome the costs associated with getting into work and education, whether it's a university course or the bus fare to a job

home support with end youth homelessness

An independent future
They make sure young people don’t become homeless again, by helping them move on from their services into their own homes.

Meet Sienna*

computer skills with end youth homelessness

Sienna is a young mum to 3 small children, living in a deprived area of her city. With the hope of providing a better future for herself and her children, Sienna approached her local EYH charity and joined its 'learning group'. Sienna shared her aspirations of becoming an accountant.

Sienna's lack of technology was holding her back, and was a major barrier standing in the way of her achieving her goals. With the support of her local EYH charity, Sienna applied for funding through the EYH Bursary Fund to acquire a laptop that allows her to meet the expectations of her Accountancy course. The laptop has enabled Sienna to provide her children with engaging learning during these challenging times as well as access learning that will increase her career opportunities in the future.

* name has been changed

How are we supporting them?

We are thrilled to be working with EYH through a range of different activities over the quarter.

We took part in their Virtual Sleep Out on 12th November. The challenge was simple - they are asking us to give up our beds for one night and sleep out in recognition, not replication of homelessness. 

We asked our TEAm members (and customers if they wanted to join in) to swap their bed for somewhere new. That could be a sofa, under the dining room table, your garden, your balcony, your office car park (with permission) – the choice is yours. Yes it may not be the most comfortable night, and yes, you may not get a good night’s sleep. But we promise that every single person taking part and raising money will make a difference to the lives of homeless young people throughout the UK. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for more information or sign up on here to get involved.

end youth homelessness charity sleep out

EYH did an an Instagram takeover on World Homelessness Day (10th October) and used our platform to help give support and advice to anyone who may need it.

We ran an awareness training course with our TEAm members to help them to have the tools to talk with friends, family and customers around the important issue of youth homelessness and how to open communication in our stores.

We will be sharing more information about local events and fundraisers in our stores too, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for updates! 

How can you help?

The easiest way to support EYH is to help spread the word by sharing posts in social media, get involved in the Sleep Out, donate to our fundraising page, donate supplies or organise your own fundraiser. You can find out more about other ways to get involved here.

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