Chilli Tea: Natural Hypertension And Poor Circulation Remedy!

Chilli Tea: Natural Hypertension And Poor Circulation Remedy!

Today we are talking about Chilli Tea! The chilli pepper (Capsicum) is fire-red in colour, delicious in cuisine and we bet you didn't know it's so delicious and good for you as a cuppa. Let's talk about the health benefits of Chilli Tea...

So What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Chilli Tea?

Spices including chilli are fantastic for improving blood circulation, aiding in hypertension (high blood pressure) and respiratory problems. The warming effects of the chilli promote quick and efficient cleansing of the blood stream, pushing toxins out before they cause damage.

The diaphoretic qualities mean that it induces perspiration on a small but plentiful scale which in turn equalises your circulation and restores health all over the body! It does this by stimulating nerve-fibres that relax and dilate your blood vessels, which in turn influences circulation, also helping to cure hypertension. Chilli tea is also good for digestion problems, again speeding up sluggish processes that need a boost back to optimum conditions. 

Which Chilli Tea Is Good?

At Bird & Blend we have a variety of Chilli Teas, a fan fave tends to be Dark Choc Chilli Chai which is a black tea blended with dark chocolate, cinnamon and chilli! If this doesn't sound like your cup of tea (...get it?!) then check out our Chilli Tea Collection!

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