Rice Oolong Cold Brew Recipe

Drift into the peculiar with this whimsical cold brew! Rice Oolong doesn't need much fussing - it's a pretty perfect brew as it is. So we got a little creative with this one and cold brewed it, you'll find this brings out different tasting notes in the tea and is really refreshing over ice.

Rice Oolong Cold Brew



  1. Add 4-6 Perfect Tea Spoons of your tea into your Cold Brew Tea Bottle.
  2. Fill up your bottle with coconut milk.
  3. Leave your tea to brew for 4-6 hours or even overnight.
  4. Add some ice to a nice glass so you can feel fancy.
  5. Enjoy!

Rice Oolong is part of our Vote Back - for all you folks who haven't experienced a Vote Back with us before, here's how it works:

We bring back 4 fan fave magical teas for a limited time, you try them and vote for your fave, then the winner joins the Tea Wall! But this time, a blend is leaving the wall too. The winning blend will be replacing Bucks Fizz on the wall, so stock up, as it will soon be saying bye-bye.

Find the other blends (and vote!) here.

Don't forget to take a snap of your creations and tag us on social @birdandblendtea 

Maddie Candle

Maddie Candle

Hi, I’m Maddie (She/They) our Content Marketing Lead! I’m a cosplayer who loves sustainable fashion & reading! My fave tea is Campfires & Vampires, especially cold brewed with Lemonade. You’ll find me on the blog here & there giving updates, talking about fun releases, or just generally enjoying the magical world of tea!

For this recipe you will need:

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