Unbarred x Bird & Blend Amazonian Zing

Unbarred x Bird & Blend: Amazonian Zing Beer

The Amazonian Zing beer is the second time we’ve worked with local tea brewers UnBarred. This beer, just like the last, is a real collaborative project that brings both the beer and tea brewing worlds together to create a hybrid beer based on one of our favourite blends.

Amazonian Zing Tea Infused Beer

For those who didn’t get a chance to taste the previous beer, the Raspberry Tea Sour, you might not be aware of who UnBarred are, so here's a little refresher - it’s not just brewing that we both have in common!

UnBarred was established in 2014 from the shed of founder and Head Brewer Jordan Mower. Born from a passion to brew uncompromising and exciting beer, their original flagship IPA won the Bev Robbins Award for the Best Sussex Beer in its first year of production. So you know this beer is going to be TEAriffic! They soon outgrew the shed and moved onto gypsy brewing, enabling them to grow production and hone their craft, working together with other fabulous breweries.

Their limited editions embody the creativity, passion and freedom that have always defined their core ethos. They’re inclusive, passionate and adventurous in everything they do, from their beer conception through to their design, brewing and welcoming taproom experience. To celebrate their roots, they work with local artists, independent businesses and fellow-creatives to showcase the best of the vibrant culture and boundless innovation of our beautiful city, Brighton.

 Amazonian Zing Tea Beer

For Amazonian Zing, they have used our award-winning Morning Kick blend, a yerba mate leaf with lemon & ginger which is famed for putting a zesty zing in your day. Yerba mate is native to South America and has been providing locals with a natural pick-me-up for centuries now, as well as some staff at the brewery, and they thought the blend would be a perfect match for their tart Berliner Weisse base. They then added a healthy dose of Motueka, a hop from New Zealand that has been used by breweries all over since the late 90’s and famed for its floral, lemon and lime qualities.

Expect fresh lemon zest & juice with fragrant ginger on the nose, followed by an explosion of refreshing lemon, fiery ginger, lemongrass & Yerba Mate tea on the palate, bringing this 2.5% tea inspired beer to life. The resulting beer blends perfectly to create a fresh, fragrant and zesty sour beer that really belies its ABV and is absolutely perfect to ease you into 2023!

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