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What's All This About a Leaked Email?

Well, the cat is out of the (tea)bag now! 

Following this mornings' drama, you might now be aware but we are very excited to be relaunching our *NEW* Tea Wall on the 8th of May

Now try to stay calm whilst reading the list of blends, there’s some real winners in here! The blends that will become the *ALL NEW* Tea Wall are as follows:

*drum roll please…*

  • Earl Grey Creme Tea

  • Great British Cuppa Tea

  • Builder's Breakfast Brew Tea

  • Chocolate Digestives Tea

  • Bonfire Toffee Tea

  • Smoky Russian Tea

  • Assam House Blend Tea

  • Dark Choc Chilli Chai

  • Monkey Chops Tea

  • Vicky's Sponge Cake Tea

  • Butter Brew Tea

  • Lady Lavender Tea

  • Peach Cobbler Tea

  • Mocha Chai

  • Violet Cream Tea 

  • Tea & Toast

  • Black Forest Tea

  • Mint Pistachio Tea

  • Belle's Breakfast Tea

  • Red Velvet Tea

  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Tea

  • The Digester Tea 

  • Peppermint Cream Tea

  • Coconut Milk Oolong Tea

  • Milk Oolong Chai

  • Mascarpone & Sour Cherry Tea

  • Blue Raspberry Tea

  • MojiTEA

  • Jasmine Poached Pears Tea

  • Watermelon Splash Tea (Now known as One In A Melon Tea)

  • Pink Grapefruit Tea

  • Ankara Apple Tea

  • Treacle Sponge Tea

  • Summer of Love Tea

  • Campfires & Vampires Tea

  • Chinese Treasure Tea

  • Gingernuts Tea

  • Nearly Nirvana Tea

  • Cherry Bakewell Tea

  • Candy Floss Tea

  • Duvet Day Tea

  • Rice Pudding & Jam Tea

  • Morning Kick Tea

  • All Nighter Tea

  • Strawberry Lemonade Tea

  • Blueberry & Peach Tea

  • Eton Mess Tea

  • Cococabana Coola Tea

  • Strawberry & Pomegranate Tea

  • Bucks Fizz Tea

  • Peach Soda Tea

  • Retro Ted Tea (Now known as Pina Colada Tea)

  • Cherry Cola Bottles Tea

  • Sangria Tea

  • Lemonade Tea (Now known as Lemon Sherbet Tea)

  • Dozy Girl Chamomile Tea

  • Deckchair Dreaming Tea

  • Peppy Mint Peppermint Tea

  • Enchanted Narnia Tea

  • Good Kalmer Tea (Now known as Good Calmer Turmeric Tea)

  • Cold Weather Warrior Tea

  • Liquor-licious Liquorice Tea (Now known as Deep Breaths Tea)

  • Zig-A-Zig Ahh! Tea (Now known as Lemon & Ginger Tea) 

  • Gingerbread Chai

  • Rhubarb & Custard Tea

  • Moondrop Dreams Tea

  • Birthday Cake Tea

  • Apple Strudel Tea

  • Carrot Cake Tea

  • Breakfasts Ready Honey Tea (Now known as Rooibos Breakfast Cuppa Tea)

  • Jelly & Ice Cream Tea

  • Ginger Beer Tea

  • Rooibos Earl Grey Tea

  • Mint Choc Rooibos Tea

  • Honeycomb Cookie Doh! Tea

  • Banana Bread Chai

  • Toffee Chai

  • Blueberry Pancakes Tea

  • Wedding Cake Tea

  • Butter Toffee Popcorn Tea

  • Pure Grade Matcha

  • Super Matcha

  • Mermaid Matcha

  • Ice Cream Matcha

  • Gingernut Matcha

  • Salted Caramel Matcha

  • Peaches & Cream Matcha

  • Lemon Matcha

  • Black Magic Matcha

  • Pina Colada Matcha

  • Turmeric Powder

  • Gingerbread Chai Matcha

  • Classic Sticky Chai

  • Gingerbread Sticky Chai

  • PLUS 6 *NEW* matchas and sticky chai blends heading your way later in the year 👀

That’s it folks! That’s the 100!

So, mark your calendars! Discontinued teas will be ending at MIDNIGHT BST on the 7th of May and the *Tea Wall Relaunch* is LIVE on the 8th May at 10am BST!

Grab them while you can - check out the blends that will sadly be leaving us here

Share your excitement on socials with us @birdandblendtea and #birdandblendtea


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