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The Most Relaxing Sleep Teas


Something we always get asked is 'what teas are good for sleep?' or 'what would you recommend for me to drink so I get good quality sleep?' or 'does tea help you sleep?'. So, we thought we'd share out top tips with you!

Tea is the perfect way to unwind, it’s warming and also forces you to take a moment to stop. Especially with loose leaf tea, brewing it can be an act of self care and mindfulness - taking the time to watch the leaves brew and the tea colour change and then sip the tea slowly, it’s a moment for relaxation.

Our teas are all blends, so we like to really focus on the ingredients, and these are the ingredients we keep in mind when creating a night time tea.

1. Chamomile

Not only do chamomile flowers help relax your nerves, but they also help relax your muscles! Being completely caffeine-free this herb is perfect before bed.

3. Lavender

Lavender is a well-known sleep tonic, not just because of it's soothing properties but the aroma of lavender helps get you relaxed as part of your bedtime routine!

3. Valerian

Both the flower & the root of this plant have been used for centuries to fight insomnia due to its ability to soothe & relax. It is naturally a mild sedative so great for helping with anxiety symptoms.

We have a variety of teas with relaxing ingredients - Chamomile is a real winner! A lot of people say that it can be an acquired taste, but our range is so flavourful and varied, you'll be sure to find a favourite in there!

Relax with a sleep story...

After you sip your sleepy tea, doze off to our sleep story created by Teabirds Kim & Holly, perfect for unwinding after a long hard day.

Our Best Sleep Teas:


Ian @ B&B
Ian @ B&B

Hi Patricia,

I hope you are well and thank you for getting in touch!

When it comes to sugars in our blends, we only have a few blends that actually have sugars intentionally added. This will be because certain ingredients, when unsweetened, come through a little too tart. You can check out those blends HERE.
It looks like from your comment, that our teas should be suitable for you, but you might like to avoid the few teas with the added sugar.

With regards to the exact amount of sugar in a blend, this is not information that we have to hand as we do not test our blends. Any blends that have naturally occurring sugars will only have trace amounts, though :)

I hope that was helpful but please do let me know if you have any other questions!

Happy Sipping!


Hi there could you let me know if any of the teas have sugar in them when they are flavoured – for instance the night time one with cocoa – Or any that have sweet names like pancake etc I ask because I would like to try some of your teas but I am type 2 diabetic and on a very strict diet – 5 grams of sugar or less per 100 grams – it’s easy to get it wrong as I ate some beetroot for example and found out it was 17 grams because of the way it had been treated where as normal plain beetroot would have been fine – hope this makes sense and I would really love to try your teas as they have been mentioned a lot on you tube so your advice and help would be very much appreciated – best wishes Patricia weekes

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