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What's Happened To Our Logo? - #WorldWithoutNature

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🌎🍃A #WorldWithoutNature is incomplete – just like our logo is today.🍃🌎

This #WorldWildlifeDay, we’re banding together with WWF, brands & sports teams across the globe to raise awareness of a #WorldWithoutNature by removing nature from our logo. This day of action aims to highlight the dramatic loss of biodiversity globally and the social and economical risks that it poses. Nature is in jeopardy. We’re losing it at an alarming rate – and it’s crucial we come together to turn the tides.

Here are some alarming facts shared with us by WWF:

🌎Every minute, we lose forest areas the size of 27 football fields.

🌎25% of our medicines come from rainforests.

🌎We could lose as much as 90% of the world’s coral reefs by the end of the century.

🌎There could be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

As the world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works in nearly 100 countries. At every level, they collaborate with people around the world to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect communities, wildlife, and the places in which they live. For 60 years WWF’s mission has been to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together. 

WWF works to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon; transform markets and policies toward sustainability; and protect and restore species and their habitats. Their efforts ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decision-making from a local to a global scale.

WWF connects cutting-edge conservation science with the collective power of their partners in the field, more than 1 million supporters in the United States and 5 million globally, and their partnerships with communities, companies, and governments.

Today, human activities put more pressure on nature than ever before, but it’s also humans who have the power to change this trajectory. Together, we can address the greatest threats to life on this planet and protect the natural resources that sustain and inspire us.

To achieve their mission, they’re finding ways to help transform the future for the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests and seas; pushing for a reduction in carbon emissions that will avoid catastrophic climate change; and pressing for measures to help people live sustainably, within the means of our one planet.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

🌎What we’ve done!🌎

We are already proud to be using low carbon, recycled & compostable consumables across all of our stores, but we still want to do more, especially when it comes to the use of takeaway cups. That’s why we’ve partnered with the World Preservation Foundation to plant a tree for every takeaway cup we sell, as well as increasing our reward to you for using your own cup - to a whopping 50p off!

When setting our Eco Pledge back in 2021 we decided we wanted to achieve a few things to help our planet! So that’s exactly what we did! Here are just a couple of things we are doing:

🌎All of our packaging is 100% plastic free, made from paper & plants like eucalyptus and corn starch! They can go in your home compost or local green waste collection! They break down into biomass, water, and CO2!

🌎We have gone 100% carbon neutral! 

🌎Our carbon offsetting helped remove 100 tonnes of CO2 by paying to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. 

🌎We helped to remove 30 tonnes of CO2 by funding wind power generation in Vietnam.

planted tree

🌎🌳 We have so far planted 280,583 trees, via tea for trees! 🌳🌎

For each tree planted from our donations, it will remove over 308kg (680lb) of CO2 from our atmosphere, with an average of 12.3kg per year! 🌳 Our carbon offsetting helped remove 100 tonnes of CO2 by paying to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. 🌳 

Learn more about what we do to protect nature & our planet here & here 

Nature needs our help! You can learn more about WWF here & find out about other ways you can help! 

Sending good vibes to everyone in our CommuniTEA, let's spread a little magic & protect our world.

💙 Love & tea, Krisi & Mike x

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Veronica Burgin
Veronica Burgin

Well done most impressed what you are doing for the planet.

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