Our ChariTEA Programme

What is the ChariTEA of the Quarter all about?

When we set up Bird & Blend back in 2013, we knew we wanted to create a company that gave back to the world and the communities that we worked within. We are passionate about supporting causes that are close our hearts, helps the people & environment around us so our ChariTEA (did you see what we did there!?!) of the Quarter was born, supporting causes we love through tea, seemed like a pretty perfect combination to us! 

Every three months we choose a different charity to work with and support them through the profits of their chosen blend and with campaigns that our Teabirds and customers get involved in.

During this time, all of the money that we make from the sales of our ChariTEA blend go to straight to that charity or cause. 

So how does it work?

Once a ChariTEA has been selected, they choose a blend of ours that they feel fits with their identity and cause. All of the profits from that blend, both online and in stores, go direct to the ChariTEA to support their amazing work!

But, more than that - once we have selected our ChariTEA of the Quarter we like to really get to know them to find out how else we can support them further. This could be through promotion on our socials and newsletters, our Teabirds volunteering to help them out directly, in store fundraising events or mentoring, the possibilities are endless!

How to get involved?

All of our ChariTEAs must be nominated by a Teabird or a customer so we can make sure we are supporting causes that mean a lot to us. We don't have any strict selection criteria so if you have a campaign or charity that you would like to nominate please email Georgina on georgina@birdandblendtea.com with your reasons why and she will add them to our list to consider.

If you see a campaign or ChariTEA that we are working with that you think you can help out too then please drop Georgina a line so we can see how we can spread the good work!

How much have we raised so far?

We are proud to have have raised £61,357.71 so far across all of our chosen ChariTEAs!

Who have we supported in the past?

Life after Cancer - a support network for people who have overcome cancer. They offer in person, as well as remote activities & coaching. 

Mental Health Mates - is a network of peer supporting group IRL and online, run by people who experience their own mental health issues.

Pelican Parcels - a local charity with a vision to create a community in which families and carer all have the essentials for their children.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide - a national charity where visiting volunteers take their own dogs into establishments such as hospitals, schools, and prisons to provide comfort, distraction, and stimulation, kindly nominated by Teabird Georgina.

Something To Look Forward To - nominated by Teabird Nicola, this family-founded cancer charity provides gifts and experiences to people affected by cancer and their families.

End Youth Homelessness - is a national movement of 11 member charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together.

Heads Above The Waves - is a non-profit organisation that supports young people who struggle with their mental health.

Stonebridge City Farm, Nottingham - a much loved city farm and visitor centre that is run by volunteers and gives visitors a little slice of the countryside in the heart of the city.

Manchester MINDhave been supporting better mental health for everyone for 30 years.

Together Co. - a charity that's tackling loneliness through connecting people, places and ideas!

UK Black Pride - are Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, and is a safe space to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, gender expressions and cultures.

ThinkForward - help prevent the next generation of youth unemployment in areas of the UK that most need support!

Time to Talk Befriending - help people over 65 who feel chronic loneliness caused by social isolation.

Team Domenica - help young people with learning disabilities discover their career potential, to create more employment opportunities and to remove barriers to work in local communities.

Bore Place's Grow to Grow Project - A beautiful farm in Kent, not far from our TW store, where the Bore Place team are working towards sustainable solutions in farming, food and education.

Bounce Alzheimer's Therapy - aptly named as they are attempting to ease symptoms of Alzheimers and improve standards of living for those suffering from this disease through ping pong!

Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource - run by volunteers who help anyone struggling with both practical and emotional support when they need it.  

Unicef's Syria Appeal - their largest ever winter appeal to help protect Syrian children from the deadly winter.

Care International - one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organisations.

Off The Fence - support groups that are the most at risk in the community. They provide life-saving support for the homeless, their outreach teams are on the streets in the evenings seeking to meet the basic needs of those who are homeless and sleeping rough.

St John's Day Centre - runs twice a week in Hucknall, Nottingham for elderly people in the community. Their fab group of volunteers provide a warm, nutritious meal as well as friendship, activities and care.

Brighton Carers Centre Caravan Fund - improve the quality of life for all the amazing carers in Brighton & Hove. We helped them raise funds to go towards a respite caravan for carers offering a cheap option for breaks and holidays.

Ditch the Label - one of the UK's largest and most ambitious anti-bullying charities: 'They are saying no to the fact that 2.5 million teens are still experiencing bullying and no to ignoring it".

Georgina Webb

Georgina Webb

Hi, I’m Georgina, I've worked at B&B for 4 years now & I look after Brand Partnerships & collaborations alongside running our ChariTEA of the Quarter. At B&B I am known as the cold brew queen & I'm totally obsessed with Banana Bread Chai & Cherry Cola Bottles! I love working on the ChariTEA Programme with the different charities to help them continue their amazing work.

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