Caffeine Free Tea - A Beginners Guide!

Over the years more and more people have been asking us for Caffeine Free or Decaf Teas and with the largest selection of naturally Caffeine Free Tea in the UK we are sure we have something for everyone! But, we appreciate that you may not know where to start, so here are a few handy tips to get you started if you are a Caffeine Free Tea beginner! 

Tea Types & Colours:

We have three tea types in our Caffeine Free selection: 

  • Rooibos (red tin label)
  • Herbal (pink tin label)
  • Fruit (orange tin label)

Each of these types of tea have different properties, flavour profiles & suit different brewing techniques... but all are naturally Caffeine Free, and delicious!

Rooibos Tea:

moondrop dreams caffeine free rooibos tea

A leaf native to South Africa that is dried and blended in a similar way to the tea leaf. We then blend other ingredients with our Rooibos as a base.

Great hot, with or without milk & suits all types of milks, including plant milks. Fruiter or dessert-y Rooibos Blends are great cold brewed in any milk. Brew for 4+ mins. 100° water. You can add sweetener of choice but most of our customers find our Rooibos Blends don't need it, especially when enjoying with milk.

Don't be put off by previous 'straight' Rooibos that you may have tried, as it can be a tad metallic on it's own, but this is not the case with our Rooibos Teas - we promise! Our customers tell us they get a hint of vanilla in most of our Rooibos Teas. We have spiced & chai Rooibos Blends, fruity Rooibos Blends & vanilla or cake type Rooibos Blends & all are delicious. Check out the CommuniTEA reviews on each tea's product page to see what other customers think.

Our top selling starter Rooibos Teas are: Rhubarb & Custard, Gingerbread Chai, Moondrop Dreams & Apple Strudel. Explore our Rooibos Teas here.

Herbal Tea:

dozy girl herbal caffeine free loose leaf tea

Also known as a tisane, we class Herbal Teas as any blend that is made predominantly from a herb, root or flower. Some examples are rose, ginger, chamomile, mint or lemongrass (be sure to check out our Ginger Teas and Mint Teas).

Great hot, and always without milk. Brew for 4+ mins. 100° water. Fruiter or minty Herbal Blends are great cold brewed in water or lemonade, and taste great garnished with some mint or sliced fruit!

A lot of herbs are used in teas for their holistic benefits, such as chamomile & lavender for sleep or mint & ginger for digestion.

Don't be put off by our Herbal Teas that have liquorice root in them. The root of the plant doesn't taste like the sweets that you had as a child! It is a naturally sweet root, so activates your sweet taste buds, but with zero sugar needed. Most of our Herbal Teas are fairly floral, minty or fruity, with some fun exceptions like our Chilli Teas!

Our top selling starter Herbal Teas are: Dozy Girl, Deckchair DreamingDeep Breaths & Peppy Mint. Explore our Herbal Teas here. 

 Fruit Tea:

bucks fizz loose leaf fruit tea caffeine free

Also known as a Fruit Infusion, we class Fruit Teas as any blend that is made predominantly from fruit pieces.

Great hot, and usually without milk. Brew for 4+ mins. 100° water. Fruit Teas are brilliant cold brewed in water, lemonade or infused into spirits, and taste great garnished with some mint or sliced fruit! Some of our Fruit Teas are also amazing cold brewed in any type of milk, such as Eton Mess.

Don't be put off by our Fruit Teas that contain hibiscus. We know lots of other tea brands overuse this ingredient (and it can be quite tart!) but we use it sparingly to bring out berry flavours in our Fruit Teas. If you dislike hibiscus the only Fruit Teas we would recommend you avoid would be Cococabana Coola & Sangria.

Our top selling starter Fruit Teas are: Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry & Peach & Cococabana Coola. Explore our Fruit Teas here. 

Explore our Caffeine-Free Tea range here!

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Krisi Smith

Krisi Smith

Hi, I’m Krisi and I’m one of the Co-Founders of Bird & Blend. I’ve been working with tea for years & have even written a book about it. My specialty is tea innovation so I have the pleasure of creating all of our delicious blends & love coming up with all of our wacky new flavours.

Best Selling Caffeine Free Teas For Beginners

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  • Hi Lynne,

    That is a great question!

    All of our decaf teas are naturally caffeine-free. None of our blends have had the caffeine removed, hence there being no black caffeine-free teas. The two main processes of removing caffeine are chemically stripping it which leaves a residue or a Co2 process which is very expensive and neither of them fully remove the caffeine from the leaf.

    As an alternative the only thing close to it we have is our Rooibos Earl Grey.

    Bird & Blend Tea Co.
  • Do you do a straight forward decaf black tea. My husband loves your Great British Cuppa but should only be drinking decaf/caffeine free. A decaf version of this would be wonderful.


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