The Unicorn Fizz | Blue Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe

Want to make our famous, colour-changing in-store drinks special Unicorn Fizz  (which I'm sure you've seen on our Instagram!) at home?

Now you can with this easy iced tea recipe!

We use our best-selling Blue Raspberry blue pea flower tea to make this bright blue iced tea, that turns pink with a splash of lemon juice! Magic! 

The Unicorn Fizz | Blue Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe

What you will need: 

What to do: 

1. Start off by brewing your Blue Raspberry tea in 150ml of 80° water for 3 minutes. You can easily achieve this by adding 1/5 of cold water first to 4/5 of boiling water (no need for any fancy technical kettles!).

2. Leave to cool in the fridge if you wish. At Bird & Blend, we cold brew our teas overnight to make concentrates: simply add the tea to cold water and steep overnight. It's as easy as that!

3. Pour your brewed tea into your cocktail shaker and add a cup of ice. Add a few drops of vanilla essence, a teaspoon of honey and shake! If you don't have a shaker, don't worry you can simply add the tea to a glass of ice and jump to step 4.

4. Pour into your glass, top up with sparkling water and give it a good stir!

5. Squeeze a wedge of fresh lemon into your drink and watch the tea colour magically change!

6. Enjoy!



Everything you need for this Blue Raspberry Iced Tea Recipe!

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  • Hello Carole,

    We are so pleased that you are loving our cold brews! This is a great question, we are such chocolate fans we eat them straight away but if you onto The Coconut Collaborative website you will see a whole range of recipes which you can try!

    Bird & Blend Tea
  • I am so enjoying make cold brews and the the hot ones, thank you for the recipe, will try it out.
    I have a question for you, the little coconut chocolate pots, what is it, do you spread it, make a drink out of it, sorry I have never seen them before.
    Thanks for all your notes and emails, sounds silly but it makes me smile 😃

    Carole Cake

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