Hand crafted Dozy Girl sleep balm DIY

How to create your own Dozy Girl Sleep Balm

Follow this easy step by step recipe to make this delightful and super relaxing sleep balm that's infused with Dozy Girl, our best selling chamomile herbal tea! This amazing sleep balm will help you stay calm and destress whenever you need it, so put your feet up, put on some sleep balm, and relax...

We think that this would make a great present for a tea lover or someone who has trouble sleeping!

This amazing recipe was created by our Tea Reps: Bugs & Birds

Dozy girl tea sleep balm in tin

Makes: One Pot

What you will need:

  • 1 tablespoon of soy wax pellets 
  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 4 Perfect Tea Spoons of Dozy Girl tea
  • A glass or metal container (an empty matcha tin works well)

What to do: 

1. Before you start, find the container you plan on using and give it a good rinse to make sure it is nice, clean and dry. We love to re-use our 5g matcha tins - you can find out how else you can bring those metal tins back to life here!

2. The first thing you need to do is fill up a saucepan with water and bring it to a gentle simmer. When the water is simmering, grab a glass bowl and pop it on top of your saucepan (sort of like you're melting chocolate in a bain marie!).

3. Measure out and add your coconut oil and soy pellets into the glass bowl and stir it carefully, until it has completely melted.

4. Then pop 4 Perfect Tea Spoons of Dozy Girl tea into the melted wax and oil. Give it a little stir so that the tea is evenly distributed.

5. Now it's time to let the tea infuse your mixture! So, lower the heat (as low as you can) and pop on a timer for 30 minutes. Why not make yourself a cuppa whilst you're waiting?

6. When the timer goes off, you need to take the delicious smelling mixture from the heat (be careful not to burn yourself).

At this point, you have two choices:    

  • You can strain the mixture if you don't want to have any of the tea leaves in your balm.
  • Or you can keep the tea in the mixture, which is what we did as it looks amazing!!

7. When you have decided, pour your mixture carefully into your container or tin. It might be helpful to transfer it into a measuring jug so it's easier to pour into your container!

8. Leave the mixture to cool for at least an hour and make sure you don't touch it as it will be very hot - it's been cooking for 30 minutes!!

9. And relax... You can apply this before bed or when you need to destress!

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