candy floss tea brewed with sweets

Candy Floss Cold Brew Cocktail

Candy Floss tea, the perfect nostalgic trip back to your childhood. We've brought this fan fave back as part of our Vote Back Collection & Brewbird Becky has given it an adult twist! Cold brew this beautiful blend & mix it with vodka for an evening stroll down memory lane. 
Learn how to make this tipsy tea treat below!
candy floss cold brewed vodka cocktail


  • 6 Perfect Teaspoons of Candy Floss tea
  • A container or a Cold Brew Bottle - 750ml
  • Cold water - 750ml
  • A strainer of some sort (if not using a cold brew bottle)
  • A Perfect Tea Spoon 
  • Vanilla vodka - 50ml
  • Sugar syrup - 25ml


  1.  Cold brew** 6 Perfect Tea Spoons of Candy Floss tea in the cold water and place in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours or up to 12 hours
  2. When the cold brew is ready, make sure to filter out the tea! (Our Cold Brew Tea Bottles are ideal for this!)
  3. Add ice into a shaker and then the 50ml vanilla vodka
  4. Pour in 100ml of Candy Floss Cold Brew!
  5. Add 25ml sugar syrup (or vanilla syrup)!
  6. Shake, shake, shake! 
  7. Strain into a martini glass (or highball for a mocktail)!
  8. For mocktails just top the drink up with tonic or lemonade depending on desired sweetness.
  9. Garnish with raspberries or pop some REAL candy floss in and watch it disappear!

** Cold brewing is such a fabulous way of making tea! It tastes a lot smoother because the flavour is slowly extracted over several hours. For some people when it comes to cold brewing, they say it brings out flavours that they had never noticed before compared to when they brewed it with just hot water! It doesn’t get much easier than dropping loose leaf tea or tea parcels into a cold brew bottle, or a jug of some sort! Then adding your choice of cold liquid such as water or milk (or even gin!) and letting it infuse in the fridge for 2-12 hours. We recommend 6-7 teaspoons of your chosen tea in 750ml of liquid!

Check out our how to cold brew blog here:

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Brewbird Approved


Recipe Brewbird Approved & created by Brew SocieTEA member, Becky Wright. Follow her on instagram at @beckstaa_brews to see more of her tea experiments! 


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