Raspberry leaf pregnancy tea | The ultimate pregnancy tea

Its has been known that drinking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy can help keep you happy and relaxed during pregnancy, labour and during the post-natal period! 


Why it's great for pregnancy

Raspberry leaf was once known as "the woman's herb", or "the pregnancy tea". It’s can potentially help aid hormone imbalance, stress, and menstruation relief. It can offer superhero qualities as a pregnancy tea for its ability to gently soothe aches, pains and tension during pregnancy as well as relieving nerves and stress.

Raspberry leaf pregnancy tea has also been know to strengthen the pelvic region in preparation for birth, during birth (yep, some lovely ladies even have a cuppa right in the middle of the show!), and it can help to reduce vaginal tearing.

This wonder herb even offers its benefits during the post-natal period, it can help to heal any tearing or damage, and potentially restore balance!

New mums could find raspberry leaf pregnancy tea perfect for a little boost of energy, for relief in vaginal dryness and, as mentioned above, its powerful properties that can help all symptoms of PMS.

At Bird & Blend, we have two gorgeous blends containing this wonderful herb!

Enchanted Narnia 

A heavenly herbal blend of rose, cocoa shells, raspberry leaf and lemongrass. This blend is naturally caffeine-free and contains nothing but nourishing herbs. The rose in this infusion can also help to relax an upset stomach and sooth your senses.

Vicky's Sponge Cake 

A delicious blend of Ceylon black tea (caffeinated), vanilla, raspberries and raspberry leaf. It's smooth, delicately sweet and works well with and without milk. Some ladies choose to cut caffeine out of their diet during pregnancy, but both choices are perfectly OK. Just remember a smart rule, whether you've got a bun in the oven or not - everything in moderation.

Raspberry leaf pregnancy tea | The ultimate pregnancy tea

Both of these blends have plenty of raspberry leaf in to help you in preparation for birth. 1-3 cups a day is plenty, but be sure to monitor how you feel and what works for you.

Please be mindful Teabirds that we are not health care professionals, so always consult your GP if ever in doubt.

Check out our blog post on our 5 best teas for pregnancy.


Take a look at our raspberry leaf pregnancy tea blends that can help your pregnancy feel that little bit easier!


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