What is matcha?

What is matcha?

Matcha is on a fast track to become a lot of peoples go to caffeinated drink, but what is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder that is used traditionally in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Matcha powder is without a doubt becoming more and more popular, and a great alternative to coffee! Matcha is considered one of the biggest superfoods in the world and a long list of scientific studies that have been carried out conclude it's healing qualities for many ailments. We're seeing it branch out into the world of coffee shops and cafes in the western world. Slowly but surely, people are getting their energy fix from a much healthier source.

But how is matcha tea powder made?

Matcha powder is green tea in its purest form. The leaves you are familiar with in regular green tea are ground up into a fine matcha powder, and then whisked into a liquid form with hot water to create a matcha drink.
Matcha is also the most authentic way of drinking green tea. If you were to ask for green tea in its native land of Japan, this is what you would get.
To make matcha traditionally, tea leaves are steamed, and then pulverised into powder. Only the finest tea buds are picked and the higher the quality of matcha powder, the greener it should be. This comes from chlorophyll levels that are increased during the harvest process where the tea plant is protected from direct sunlight.
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Where did matcha tea powder originate from?

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Matcha, or matcha tea powder, is grounded green tea leaves which is where it gets all of its natural flavours! Originating from Japan, the 'superpower green tea' possesses the same value as drinking 10 cups of regular green tea and provides slow release energy through the day. The go-to drink for Buddhist monks, matcha is certainly the solution to provide focus and alertness.
Enjoying matcha became part and parcel of Japanese culture and lifestyle, but as the awareness of its green tea benefits became apparent, the love for matcha grew domestically and is now increasingly consumed. At Bird & Blend, we love our wide range of matcha with over 20 flavours that we know you'll love also! 

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